Aviation Emerency Response Planning – Introduction


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Hello, and welcome to my blog!

Over a number of posts I am going to introduce some of what I’ve learned, developed, refined and have been successfully using in aviation emergency management over 30+ years. I’ll be adding some stories from my personal experience to help illustrate the topic under discussion. I hope you find them interesting.

I am not scheduling the publication of posts on a particular timeline so please check back regularly for updates.

Aviation is composed of a wide variety of operations – airlines, air taxi, corporate, training, large RPAS, helicopters and more.  What I am going to focus on is planning for a generic company, flying small to mid-sized fixed wing or helicopter passenger aircraft. The concepts and principles we’ll look at apply to all types of operations and can be adjusted to meet the size, nature and complexity for other types.

Whether you are beginning your journey into this fascinating and important field, or are a seasoned professional, I hope you will benefit from what I am sharing.

If you have any comments or questions for me please leave me a message or click on the chat message icon.

Fly Safe


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