Why Outsource

Over the years CAST has found that organizations stand to create the most significant savings and improved performance when they augment their internal capabilities with those available from competitive commercial markets.

CAST Safety Systems is proud to include in its client list airlines (large and small), airports, cargo operators, corporate entities, municipal/provincial and federal government departments, ground handling agents, regulatory authorities, health care facilities, post secondary education facilities, fire services, police services, ambulance services and tour operators. 

Many aviation organizations are finding that the resources committed to the development, implementation, maintenance and promotion of Emergency, Safety and Security Management Systems represent a sizable expenditure and can impact operations. In many cases cost saving, improved efficiencies and augmented performance can result from effectively contracting these support services to a fully qualified, experienced provider such as CAST.

Outsourcing with CAST can introduce: 

·  Optimal control  An important aspect of any agreement is the degree of control the organization will have over the service provider.  Our performance-based contracts and reporting procedures leave management completely in charge.  We function as a member of the organizations team by fully integrating our services into their operational framework.  The clear client/vendor relationship inherent in our agreements gives clients tremendous flexibility in dealing with our services and provides a powerful incentive for us to constantly improve our products to ensure customer satisfaction. 

·  Competitive forces  Competition drives organizations to improve quality, increase efficiency, reduce costs, and focus on their customer’s needs.  For most organizations, competition does not typically exist with an internal department.

·  Flexibility  Outsourcing provides managers with flexibility to determine the appropriate size and composition of the resources needed to complete tasks as situations change.  With the tremendous changes underway in the safety and emergency management environments, organizations need flexibility to manage effectively. 

·  Specialization  Firms that specialize in specific services, such as safety and emergency management, can develop specialized tools and services that would be difficult for many organizations to develop internally.  Outsourcing with CAST Safety Systems provides a means for the organizations to take advantage of this specialization. 

·  Better management focus  In recent years, the world’s most successful companies have focused intensively on their core competencies — those activities that provide a competitive edge — and outsourced support activities.  Business analysts frequently highlight the fact that the attention of an organization’s leaders is a scarce resource that should be allocated wisely.